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How to build a custom library in your house

Many avid book readers of and readers dream of a bespoke library that will allow them to finally showcase and highlight their collection of books while remaining convenient and easy to use.

Today, we will offer you some tips on how to make a custom storage space that will meet your expectations. It is important to combine flexibility and aesthetics to achieve the best possible result. You will have a unique piece of furniture, perfectly adapted to your taste.

Apart from your books, this space will also allow you to store your DVDs, tapes, discs and other trinkets. You can decorate it with decorative objects and pictures too. More than a custom-made shelf, a library made based on your needs and the space you have available is a real blessing in terms of storage that will offer you extensive storage solutions but also unsuspected benefits!

How to build a custom home library

Rather than buying a ready made library in your furniture store, you can build a bespoke library at a low price if you have the know-how and the equipment. The tools and equipment needed are rather easy to get:

  • wooden planks
  • a saw
  • a spirit level
  • a measure tape
  • a pencil
  • some paint
  • some wood polish
  • sandpaper
  • a hammer
  • some nails
  • an electric screwdriver

The type of wood used (oakfirmaple …) depends on your preferences. You can buy plywood or you can use pallets, wooden crates or salvaged wood if you want to pay even less!

Your Custom home library should match your interior

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Then, once you have all that together, you will have to take action and make a plan. After that, you’ll be able to move on to the construction and finishing once you’re done. Sanding, painting, varnishing, decorating…so many things to do!

Prefer U-shaped cleats or shelf cleats as they are easier to move, especially if you want to change the height of your board. A library with a bottom part is best if you want to prevent your books from falling when you handle them.

Be creative and consider taking good care of your library so that it stays beautiful as the years go by. It’s all about personal choice: you can paint your furniture or varnish it if you want to preserve the original look of the wood. It is also possible to add light strips and other lights if you want to create adequate lighting for your custom library.

Remember to use some protection to avoid hurting yourself. Splinters and projections are the two main dangers that must be guarded against.

Contact us at our office now at 514 756-4288 and speak directly to our custom furniture experts. If you think you don’t have the time or the skills to build your own library or if you prefer the help of a professional to get a better result close to what you could get if you bought your own library in store, we are available to give you some help.