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Tips to keep your workshop or garage tidy

Your workshop or garage is upside down? The appalling state of your DIY space can be a source of stress and can waste some precious time when you’re looking for something in particular.

Fortunately, it is possible to be on top of the situation easily and quickly by modifying and improving your work plan or any kind of garage space with the simple tips we are about to share.

Purchase desktop accessories such as pencil jars or a 3D triangle to store your pliers and other tools. A tape reel is also a good idea so you do not waste time finding the beginning of the roll.

If you can not move around freely, it’s time to organize your space better so that your workshop or garage finally becomes a place where you love to spend time if that’s not already the case!

Garage Organization and shelving: a priority not to be neglected

Collect some spare tin cans in your kitchen, they will help you store your nails and screws in one place instead of them being spread out everywhere. Because nothing is worse than loose nuts and screws on the floor or on a table!

There are still so many things you can do to make your life easier when you tinker during your spare time or during the weekend: drill holes in a wooden battens to create storage space for your different sized screwdrivers (slide them by the blade ) or put some tin cans on your wall where you will store your pencils or tubes of glue. The sky is truly the limit when it comes to garage or workshop organization!

Workshop or Garden Shed storage systems: an absolute necessity for all DIYers

solliciter armoire de cuisine

If you have many garden tools, a palette on the wall will allow you to store your rakes and shovels. Paint each palette in a different color to add a touch of life to your home workshop.

Did you know that a simple PVC pipe attached to the wall can serve as storage for your wires of all kinds? A pipe of the right size can also be used to shelter your drills.

There are still dozens of ideas that we could share but here are the ones that are the most effective and easier to set up: perforated panels, magnetic bars, muffin molds (for your screws and nuts) or pie molds (to store your abrasive discs or circular saw blades) … Also, a foldable workbench created from a simple solid wooden board and equipped with 4 feet is a must if you do not have enough space to have one permanently unfolded.

Once all your work and activities are completed, you can put everything in its place and finally have a clean and tidy workplace.

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