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An expert for your furniture projects

From your bathroom furniture such as vanities to your kitchen cupboards and cabinets, to desk drawers, our experts can fulfill all your wildest dreams when it comes to designing and creating beautiful custom furniture from your ideas.

We use various materials ranging from wood to acrylic, or even polymer, to create unique pieces of furniture that will enhance your interior or any of your rooms.


State-of-the-art materials (polymer, polyester, acrylic, wood, melamine, mirror and more);
Latest technology hardware; On-site kitchen designer
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manufacture and installation of custom kitchen cabinets.

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manufacture and installation of custom bathroom cabinets and vanities.

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Custom spaces

manufacture and installation of custom-made office and bedroom furniture.

Add cupboards, cabinets, drawers and storage spaces to store your spices, kitchenware and dishes. With our tailored solutions for your kitchen design needs, you will have dedicated spaces for everything in your kitchen. It will save you so much time and space.

A nice, tidy and organized bathroom is a real pleasure to look at. It’s also a daily blessing to spend time there. When all your bathroom products have their specific place, life becomes easier and more enjoyable.

Apart from the kitchen or bathroom, use our services and products to improve other rooms in your home or at work that need renovation and remodeling. It can be the office space, the basement, the attic…

If you are renovating your house or your office, we can help you by creating custom furniture. You can choose to install it or let us create for you a magnificent kitchen counter in quartz or granite that our team will install to fit perfectly in your kitchen.

We can also help you with the last fittings for the plumbing. You can even use our professional machinery for all your needs. If you want professional results but you don’t have the tools or expertise necessary, just give us a call!

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Additional services

  • Sales and installation of granite, quartz, laminate and more countertops
  • Sale and installation of finishing plumbing
  • Service of manufactured cabinets not installed for contractors or renovator customers
  • Machining service for all non-ferrous materials with our CNC numerically controlled cutting table
  • Field plating service


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Designed for the choice of different designs and materials

solliciter Armoires Rive-Sud


On-site kitchen service.

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Latest, well-chosen hardware, modern and unique design

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Factory in the same building as the warehouse.



sur mesure avec Armoires Rive-Sud
Armoires Rive-Sud


Armoires Rive-Sud


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