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Walk-in Closet: Tips for fitting a dream wardrobe!

First of all, you need to know what surface you have at your disposal. Having a whole room to create a walk-in is certainly a luxury, but the surface varies a lot depending on the houses and apartments in which they are located.

Your dressing room will allow you to gather in one place all your clothes, shoes, coats and accessories. This is a dream for all fashion victims but also for all those who like to dress well.

What do you need to know about dressing rooms?

If you do not have a very large space (which is the case for most people), you must first sort out your clothes. Separate them by season: hot season and cold season. Also distinguish between everyday clothes and those you wear only for special occasions.

Put the coats and jackets (that take more space) apart because they will have to be stored in another place to save space. Use height and depth to maximize the space, and plan to install retractable elements (drawersrods, and other telescopic elements).

Do not forget to accessorize the space by installing mirrors, lights, and stools or chairs nearby to make your fitting sessions easier.

The know-how of a professional is often necessary, even if it is a small space. An interior designer can help you maximize the space you have.

The types of dressing rooms

Everyone will not necessarily have a dedicated room but you should know that reserving space in your home for a walk-in closet or dressing room is enough,

provided you know how to do it.

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Dressing rooms in small spaces

Laundry room, storage room, large closet … Look at the dimensions of the room and its shape (square or rectangle) then find suitable storage spaces while leaving enough space to move around.

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Dressing room located in a main room

Whether it’s a bedroom, a living room or even an office, you can partition the room and artificially create a walk-in space. Or you can create a retractable dressing room that you can open and close at will. Especially one that will not encroach on the rest of the room.

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Dressing room in the entrance

A closet running with very little depth can allow you to take advantage of this space generally seen as lost by most owners and renters. Operate corners and plan for unfolding, shallow layouts.

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Dressing room under the stairs

More original and rarely seen, this type of storage exploits the space under the stairs which is often neglected. Think of sliding drawer systems that should work wonders. For the highest part of the space under your stairs, you can install regular closets that will remain easily accessible.

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Dressing room in the attic/eaves

Fully exploiting the volume available will certainly be a challenge but despite the obvious lack of height, you can still use this space effectively to accommodate your clothes and other accessories.

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